How to build powerful tech-infused lesson plans

More and more educators are leveraging technology in their classrooms, which is one aspect of being a 21st century teacher helping their students (and probably themselves, too) to develop 21st century skills, Edudemic reports.  Finding a combination of the most useful devices, web tools, and apps can be a powerful learning tool for your students. But leveraging technology in such a way that it helps your lesson rather than being the focus of your lesson isn’t always easy, especially when you’re using apps that focus on specific topics. Its so easy to look at the material in the app as being the lesson. On the other hand, the technology can also end up being an afterthought, which is also less than idea, just on the other end of the spectrum. So how do you go about creating 21st century lesson plans that leverage the technology to support your lesson without being your lesson?

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