What makes a great education tweet?

How to write an education tweet that adds value and gets noticed

Since getting its start less than a decade ago, more than a billion users have signed up for Twitter, with an estimated 320 million of them currently active. While Katy Perry (@katyperry) may top the charts with the most followers (80 million and counting), the average number of Twitter followers for those of us who aren’t pop sensations is a more modest 208. Regardless of who the user may be or the number of followers one may have, each tweet is restricted to a simple 140 characters. What you do with them is up to you.

While some tweeters may elect to update the world when they brush their teeth, many choose to use Twitter as an effective communication tool; one that generates conversation, pushes thinking, and at times, brings about change. And every day, millions of education-related tweets are posted to the site.

So what makes a Tweet valuable and worth reading? Why do some tweets receive a large amount of attention while others are left to themselves with no interaction at all?…Read More

Top state-by-state Twitter chats

Do you participate in your state’s ed or ed-tech Twitter chat?

Twitter-chatSocial media has unlimited uses in education, from helping students connect and collaborate to offering educators a place to share ideas, solve problems, and identify promising practices. Twitter chats are one way today’s educators connect from across the country, and subject- and state-specific chats help educators develop and grow their professional learning networks.

A number of states have Twitter chats that educators may find useful. Those chats may be about general education or might focus on specific education topics within the state.

Whatever the focus, though, educators can connect and chat with others in their state, or in states across the nation, for professional development and growth opportunities.…Read More