New technologies for schools: September 2012

Here are some of the latest ed-tech tools featured in the Sept. 2012 edition of eSchool News.

A new way to measure the color brightness of projectors, a messaging service that could boost parent engagement in their children’s lessons, and math software that targets “perceptual learning” are among the latest ed-tech tools described in the September 2012 edition of eSchool News.

Our September edition is now available in digital format on our website. You can browse the full publication here, or click on any of the headlines below to read these highlights:

New developments in AV technology come into focus

A new way to measure the brightness of colors; the ability to recognize inputs from any source, and not just a computer; and the move toward more lamp-free projectors are among the latest developments in audio-visual technology that have important implications for schools…

New ed-tech service aims to boost parent engagement

A simple text message could clue in parents to the perfect conversation starters with their kids: The Parent Connection, a new feature of Channel One News InterActiv, sends parents messages about what their children learned in school that day in an effort to strengthen the home-school connection…

New math software targets ‘perceptual learning’

As schools struggle to balance conceptual learning and recall of simple facts, a new series of online math education products proposes a different focus: pattern recognition…

How Twitter can be used as a powerful educational tool

Think Twitter is just a waste of time? Think again. Its organizational structure makes it an effective tool for connecting with students and others online…

Product Showcase

A live video production switcher for just $995, a digital library that represents the future of reading, and a digital presenter that’s perfect for displaying oversize objects or documents are among the latest ed-tech products of interest to schools…

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