New software for Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch is on the way that reportedly will take care of a key problem keeping the devices from being more functional as computing tools, reports the Associated Press: the ability to print files. The iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch can handle many tasks that people once turned to personal computers to complete, from checking eMail and surfing the web to editing photos and composing documents. The gadgets can connect with computers to transfer files, but Apple’s critics have still dinged the company for hobbling its mobile devices by making them without ports for connecting with printers or USB drives. Apple is on its way toward solving one of those complaints. At a media event this month, Apple CEO Steve Jobs mentioned an upcoming software update for the iPad and its smaller siblings that would include a way for people to wirelessly print documents. On Sept. 15, Apple said it has released a “beta” test version of AirPrint to software developers who make iPad and iPhone apps. AirPrint is designed to find printers on home or campus networks, then send text, photos, or graphics directly to the printer over Wi-Fi. AirPrint, which is part of the bigger iOS 4.2 update for iPads, iPhones, and the iPod Touch, will be available in November…

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