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Editor Dennis Pierce on why Waiting for ‘Superman’ disappoints

40 e-Rate Survival Guide
With more than $2 billion at stake, here’s how to ensure your fair share.

What’s News

1 Teens’ online privacy at risk

1 Va. using iPads for learning

1 Grants aim to boost college readiness

1 Virtual schools fight for dollars

6 ASBO conference helps schools save money

8 House Democrats punt on net neutrality

10 Schools still conflicted over Web 2.0 tools

10 Facebook ‘Groups’ could help with collaboration

12 Pa. district settles webcam spying lawsuits

14 Summit: U.S. needs more computer instructors

16 Tech access law helps those with special needs

17 Study: Teacher bonuses failed to raise test scores

18 ‘School of One’ boosts individual learning

19 Survey: Kids like eBooks; parents, not so much


6 eSN Online Update

29 Security Checkpoint

42 Tech Buyer’s Marketplace

43 Advertisers’ Showcase

46 eSchool Partners

eSN Special Report21 Blended learning on the riseSupporters say blended learning combines the benefits of both face-to-face and online instruction.

— Jennifer Nastu


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