After 25 years in the IT industry, Darren Van Soye and his wife Sandy have decided to embark on a 400-day, around-the-world journey to raise geo-literacy among K-12 students. This isn’t their first global excursion; together, they’ve already visited more than 40 countries. This time, however, they’ve created a free website where students and teachers can follow their journey, with the goal of helping to teach students about geography in a new and exciting way. The Van Soyes will be publishing eMails, photos, and videos from 50 countries on six continents.  In addition, they plan to develop and publish four-page education modules each week under a Creative Commons license.  That means the materials can be freely copied, distributed, and transmitted, as well as used to produce derivative works (such as student reports). All of the materials will be designed to work with the iPad, the travelers said. Their journey begins in January 2012.

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Jeff Festa