Gwinnett County hopes to make learning "more real and relevant to a student population that has never known a world without technology," said the district.

Georgia’s Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) has taken a huge step forward in its move to an all-digital education for its students: The district has partnered with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) to implement a single sign-on platform for delivering curriculum, assessment, analytics, professional development, parent information, and more.

The platform, called Pinpoint, is an “integrated education suite” that can be tailored to meet a school or district’s unique needs and goals. GCPS officials say it will allow the district to go textbook-free, saving money and allowing for more personalized student learning.

HMH says that while other providers offer “discrete tools” for assessment, analytics, or tracking and reporting on student information, Pinpoint is a “truly cohesive, integrated solution designed from the ground up to connect all critical components of our education ecosystem.”

The suite includes tools for curriculum, assessment, teacher gradebooks, student information, scheduling, analytics, professional development (delivered directly from the platform), online tutoring for students, and access for parents. Because it’s a fully integrated solution, teachers and students don’t have to log in and out of various applications all day; they can log in once for all of their educational needs. (Watch a video describing Pinpoint’s features here.)

Highlights include the ability for teachers to access a student’s full academic history, as well as the ability to access core curriculum lesson plans and video resources for their classrooms. These curriculum resources are correlated with the Common Core State Standards that have been adopted by 45 states.