Watch: Teachers union calls CPS unused vacation, sick days payout report ‘unfair’

The Chicago Teachers Union on Friday stated that a report finding that Chicago Public Schools, since 2006, paid out $265 million to ex-employees due to their unused vacation and sick days “unfairly characterizes teachers and paraprofessionals as abusing the system,” the Huffington Post reports. The finding that some 19,000 former CPS employees were paid out an average of just less than $14,000 upon their departure from the school system were the result of a joint investigation by the Chicago Sun-Times and Better Government Association. Some former CPS employees have received six-figure payments as high as just more than $250,000 under the policy, including more than 300 principals and administrators who received more than $100,000. The BGA claims that some ex-employees used the payouts to boost their pension benefits…

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