Opinion: Teachers should steer clear of politics, court cases

According to Local Detroit news, a middle school teacher in Pontiac, Mich., has been fired after helping create a fundraiser in support of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, says Calvin Wolf for Yahoo! News. Brooke Harris, who teaches English and journalism, was fired by Superintendent Jacqueline Cassel after proposing students’ $1 monthly payments to wear street clothes instead of uniforms for one day be allowed to go to Martin’s family. She also wanted hoodies, in honor of the clothing popularized by the Martin, be worn with hoods covering students’ heads. Harris claims she was unfairly accused of insubordination and never given an answer as to why she was initially suspended, then fired.While I do not think Harris should have been fired, I wonder if the full story has been told. It sounds like the superintendent overreacted. Regardless, the teacher should have known to steer clear of an ongoing criminal investigation. As a teacher of U.S. government, I am faced with political, religious, judicial and other controversial issues on a regular basis…

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