How can one disconnect in today’s world, and why would one want to anyway?

Taking the second question first, I think disconnecting or, as it used to be known, switching off, is tremendously important. The world today can feel pretty relentless, reports the ICT in Education blog.

One of the less fortunate side effects of email, for example, is that many people seem to think that if they send an email, the recipient should answer straight away. Ditto text messaging. I think it’s good to take time out not only to have a break and feel the wind in your hair (literally if possible), but also to be able to gain some distance from, and therefore perspective on, a problem or issue which needs dealing with.

We always bang on about the wonders of the 24/7/365 world, and the fact that learning can take place anytime, and anywhere, of one’s choosing. But I also think we have an obligation to tell students (and ourselves) that taking a break is not merely OK to do, but necessary.

But how?

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