How a techie teacher made $100K this year

How many teachers have the opportunity to make $100,000 a year? Meet Avi Flombaum, 28, a programmer and teacher who hasn’t taken the usual route, says the Huffington Post. Flombaum teaches for Skillshare, an organization that “began as a way for communities to share local knowledge by teaching and taking classes on everything from programming to entrepreneurship to cooking,” according to the company’s website. Soon after the startup launched in 2011, Flombaum began instructing classes focusing on web development. His lectures have explored the Ruby web language as well as the Ruby on Rails web framework. Ruby on Rails helps users build web apps in the same language as those used by apps for Twitter, Groupon and Basecamp. Flombaum was a successful instructor on Skillshare, so he quit his job as Chief Technology Officer of a startup he founded, Designer Pages, and focused on teaching. He began teaching through Skillshare more frequently, averaging 12 to 20 instructional hours a week…

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