What happens when a rich and poor school share the same campus?

I’ve been teaching for 13 years, and I think the number one thing that would make our profession just a little bit easier is collaboration, says a contributor for TakePart.com. I was shocked during my first year of teaching to see how little teachers shared information. I found myself searching for those that would help and I didn’t find much. People have always asked me what I thought our school was missing. Was it funding? No, our school has soared since the budget has been cut. Was it leadership? We have gone through more than seven principals in 13 years. Leadership that sticks around sure does help, but I think the number one thing that can turn a school around is true collaboration. When I’m at a workshop and people share things about their schools and how well they collaborate, I want to work with them. I want to join a team of professionals who work together to help students achieve. I want to turn things around and make my own school better. I am in awe when I go to conferences and whole teams of teachers from schools are there together, because I am usually alone…

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