10 ways to pursue digital equity with collaborative leadership

School leaders can collaborate and work together toward digital equity for students

digital-equityDespite all of the impact of technology in our schools, there is an unfortunate reality: not all students have the same access to digital technologies – especially at home. We have become a nation with access and a nation without access to the internet.

According to a 2012 Pew Research Internet Project study, only 30 percent of low-income households have smartphones and less than one-half of low-income households have broadband at home. These numbers are more pronounced from the scope of educational achievement. Approximately one-third of adults who do not possess a high school diploma have broadband at home, compared to nearly 90 percent of those people who have a college degree or higher.

Our society is rapidly becoming a “Tale of Two Cities.” Technology is simply that significant–either you have access and are part of the ever-changing and growing community, or you are part of an underclass.

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