eSchool News highlights some of the 10 most significant ed-tech developments of 2014, and the emergence of the teacher leader is No. 3

teacher-leaderEach year, the eSchool News editors compile 10 of the most influential ed-tech developments and examine how those topics dominated K-12 ed-tech conversations. No. 3 on our list for 2014 is the teacher leader’s new role.

School leadership is expanding, and some of today’s most celebrated local, district, and state leaders say that a school’s success depends on strong teacher leadership.

When teachers feel supported and empowered, their instructional practices can change for the better, and this has a direct impact on student engagement and achievement.

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Laura Ascione
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Laura Ascione

Laura Ascione is the Editorial Director, Content Services at eSchool Media. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland's prestigious Philip Merrill College of Journalism. Find Laura on Twitter: @eSN_Laura