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What’s It Like? Grammaropolis – End Marks is a tool for teaching elementary school students about the marks that end sentences. At the start of End Marks, kids meet the Mayor of Grammaropolis in the Lineup Room at Punctuation Academy and they’re quickly introduced to the three members of the Punctuation Department who keep the town in order: Period, Question Mark, and Exclamation Mark, each dressed as a police officer. Students then visit each officer’s department to learn more about that particular symbol and how it works. Each lesson features a narrative introduction, audio clips that show how end marks alter how a sentence sounds (“Sally left the house this morning.” versus “Sally left the house this morning?”), and increasingly tough quizzes.

Price: $3.99

Grades: 3-5

Pros: Great story, detailed lessons, and tough quizzes make for a great cross-training in grammar.

Cons: Lessons on abbreviations and capitalization are equally important but less clearly integrated into the app’s central story.

Bottom line: A thoughtfully designed, consistently engrossing tool for learning key grammar points.


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