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What’s It Like? Metamorphabet takes kids on an enchanting journey to discover the letters of the alphabet. Letters magically transform into animations representing words that begin with the target letter. One by one, in alphabetical order, kids tap and drag to move along in the journey. Kids tap the flat M to hear its name and see it pop out into 3-D; they can move its “legs” and it starts to march; when they tap again, it becomes a monster; a final tap on the monster’s mouth will zoom in. With each new animation, kids see and hear the word being represented.

Price: $3.99

Grades: K

Pros: Wonderfully fun graphics lead kids on a purposeful progression through the alphabet.

Cons: Some word choices might be confusing or hard to decipher for young learners.

Bottom line: A great, high-tech and interactive way to get kids thinking about letters and how their sounds form words.


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