Private clouds help schools weather data concerns

Districts are using private clouds to save money and retain control over data. Is it right for yours?

private-cloudWith student data privacy commanding so much attention these days, some K-12 districts are building private clouds to distribute curriculum and IT resources to students and staff over their own networks.

A private cloud is an environment in which software or data are stored on a central server and delivered to users online—but instead of being hosted by a third-party provider and delivered to users over the public internet, these resources are hosted by the school district itself, under the control of the district’s IT department.

Because a private cloud setup is implemented safely behind a district’s own firewalls, it gives the district more control over its own data. The tradeoff is that the district becomes responsible for managing IT resources, instead of passing that responsibility on to a third-party cloud provider.

For a small but growing number of K-12 districts, this extra hassle is worth it to ensure the security and reliability of sensitive information.

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