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ClassDojo moves beyond classrooms to whole school sharing

New ClassDojo features are intended to give educators, parents, students a safe way to share and build school community

ClassDojo is expanding beyond individual classrooms, into connecting whole schools. Now every teacher and school leader in a school will be able to safely and easily share photos, videos, and messages with all parents through the ClassDojo platform.

“ClassDojo is the single most effective communication method I have ever seen for safely connecting groups of teachers, parents and students,” said Chris S., a principal in Westland, Michigan. “The positive effect on our entire school community has been incredible; it’s helped create a school culture of trust and positivity. I already tell every teacher and school leader I meet that they need to join, and now there’s even more of a reason to!”

As school leaders began seeing ClassDojo spread through their schools, many looked for ways to join themselves. Over the past six months, ClassDojo spoke with hundreds of teachers and school leaders to learn how to best to help them create amazing communities across their schools.

“I was the first to use ClassDojo at my school and when other teachers started to see how it was helping me connect with parents and build a more positive classroom culture, it spread quickly through the school,” said second grade teacher Julie T in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Now that we’re school-wide, parent involvement has gone sky high. I tell them, ‘I get 500 emails a day from different people and it’s hard to keep up, but if you send me a message on Dojo I’ll know it’s from a parent and I’ll make sure to respond!’ I tell people, if I ever have to teach without it, I’m done!”

The result is that today, ClassDojo is rolling out its first set of features to support whole schools. These include:

1. “School Story”: this allows teachers and school leaders to share photos, videos, and messages with all parents connected to the school, replacing cumbersome school websites, group email threads, newsletters and flyers home.

2. School Leader Accounts: for the first time, school leaders can create their own accounts, allowing them to easily reach parents, and share moments from the school day.

“ClassDojo has always helped create amazing communities within classrooms. But with schools we can can now take those communities from thirty to three hundred,” said Liam Don, co-founder and CTO of ClassDojo. “That’s what we find so exciting about this moment. It comes down to our belief that when teachers, parents and students in a school work together as a community, they can transform education from the ground-up. And that’s exactly what’s happening.”

The new features are available today for all teachers and school leaders. Existing ClassDojo members can get started by updating their ClassDojo app, and those new to the platform can get started by downloading ClassDojo from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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