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PowerSchool acquires TIENET

PowerSchool now offers comprehensive tracking, providing individualized instruction paths, and monitoring progress of the entire Individualized Education Programs process

PowerSchool, provider of K-12 technology solutions, announced the acquisition of TIENET, a MAXIMUS product developed to help educators manage instruction, intervention, and special education. Acquiring the IEP software package available enables educators to have one comprehensive K-12 platform to better meet students’ specific learning and behavioral needs.

Education Week recently reported the rise of the number of students requiring special education services to nearly 6 million, nationwide. That number is inclusive of underperforming students who need personalized intervention, proactive support for autism, and students who have behavioral problems. A major factor contributing to that increase is educators not having access to adequate resources that fully equip them to accommodate a student’s rate of learning.

PowerSchool and MAXIMUS collaborated two years ago to resolve this issue by implementing PowerSchool Special Education powered by TIENET. This acquisition extends the benefits seen through that partnership by allowing districts to seamlessly manage the entire special education process, including: pre-referral, eligibility, IEP development, service documentation, reporting to parents, 504 plans, and personalized education programs.

“TIENET provides a diagnostic framework for educators to identify students who are struggling, evaluate their progress, and meet their learning and behavioral needs. We value improving the education experience for all students to reach their maximum potential in the classroom,” said Hardeep Gulati, CEO of PowerSchool. “By enabling single common information access and processes, we are empowering teachers and educators to identify at-risk students, monitor their progress, and build personalized instructional paths.”

The addition of TIENET enhances PowerSchool’s position as the #1 K-12 education technology provider, bringing new tools to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements and further empowers teachers to enrich the learning process for all populations of students. The TIENET solution is leveraged by hundreds of districts across the US, serving a wide-range from 500 to 200,000 students or more. A key element of success in the classroom is providing schools with the appropriate tools, resources, and strategies for reaching students with diverse abilities. PowerSchool is well positioned to help schools and districts improve academic achievement for every student through cutting-edge digital classroom capabilities.

“TIENET is a natural fit for PowerSchool. The acquisition of TIENET will help PowerSchool further drive a collective vision of revolutionizing the way schools and districts interact with students and families through dynamic and responsive education technology solutions,” said Kathy Kerr, President of Human Services North America for MAXIMUS.”

Laura Ascione

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