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9 ways to improve your district’s digital leadership

More than ever, it's important for districts to support and increase digital leadership

The importance of digital learning is, by now, well established. But as schools and classrooms across the nation use digital strategies to engage students and boost achievement, digital leadership has emerged as one of the most important areas in which to invest thought, time and resources.

Today, digital leadership isn’t limited only to administrators. With the emergence of teacher-leaders, educators at all levels have a chance to model digital leadership for their peers and for students.

Districts that model exceptional digital leadership often have several things in common. Here, Dr. Mark Edwards, senior vice president of digital learning for Discovery Education and former superintendent of the Mooresville Graded School District, which has been much celebrated for its dedication to digital integration and 21st-century learning, shares insights on how districts can ensure they are full of digital leaders.

1. Align job descriptions, evaluation processes, and evaluation expectations around digital learning and digital leadership.

“I think aligning expectations around using digital resources and expectations around embracing them at every level, from district leaders on down, creates a sense of a willful disposition to learn more and grow in the digital space,” Edwards said. “Just as technology is changing constantly, that leadership frame has to change and evolve.”

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Laura Ascione

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