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These strategies could help your district beat the homework gap

As home internet connectivity becomes more essential than ever, the homework gap leaves millions of students behind

Efforts to bring high-speed internet to all classrooms in the country have been bolstered by advocacy groups and by President Obama’s ConnectEd initiative, but one critical area lags behind: the so-called “homework gap” caused by students’ lack of home internet access.

In a time when many schools have one-to-one initiatives in place that require students to use the internet to access digital resources and complete assignments at home, the homework gap is particularly frustrating.

Although most school districts don’t have solid plans in place to connect students with off-campus internet, some are creating plans to provide off-campus internet access for students. Roughly 5 million households with school-age children lack high-speed internet access, according to estimates.

A new resource from Kajeet could help address homework gap struggles. The guide is intended to help school leaders increase student success by shrinking the homework gap.

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Laura Ascione

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