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ISTE 2017: The ultimate game plan of what you can’t miss

Getting the most from ISTE 2017’s jam-packed conference next week.

With ISTE being one of the largest educational technology conferences, this behemoth of an event brings together thousands of educators from throughout the world. With so much to see, and so many people to listen to, where do you begin? In “ISTE 2017: The Game Plan of What You Can’t Miss,” Bryan L. Miller, educator community manager for Wonder Workshop, presented tips for how conference attendees can make the most out of ISTE 2017 from his own personal experiences of attending the conference.

Go with Google

There are a variety of sessions for educators to attend at ISTE 2017, including the Listen and Learn, Participate and Share, Explore and Create, and Engage and Connect sessions. While there is something for everyone, it is necessary to have a game plan and stay organized to ensure you’re able to see all that interests you.

Miller suggested taking a few hours to review all the sessions beforehand, and then creating a Google calendar of the sessions you plan to attend. This way, you’ll receive reminders of the next event on your schedule, leaving enough time for distractions along the way. “It’s easy to become side tracked at this event because there is so much happening everywhere,” said Miller.

Be WiFi- and Food-Savvy

Plan to be prepared for long days, packed with many people and much to see. With thousands of people in one location, access to WiFi may be limited, so if possible use a hotspot. Driving around the conference area will be difficult. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so wear comfortable clothes and bring water. Pack food for lunch, or you could end up wasting valuable time waiting in line for lunch during peak hours.

Leave Sessions if You Want

Miller also reminded attendees not to feel obligated to sit through entire sessions. “This is your time to learn, and presenters are well versed in knowing that people get up for various reasons,” he said. If you think you’ll need to leave a session early to get to another session, find a seat in the back of the room.

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