15 metrics every superintendent should know

Sometimes, knowing what to look for is the hard part. Here’s help

From interoperability to dashboards, data accessibility is one of the most prevalent topics in edtech circles these days. For superintendents, simply knowing what to look for can be a challenge. These 15 metrics can provide significant value for any district leader.

Technology usage rate
Why it matters: A recent report on software usage and waste found the education sector to be one of the worst industries at using the tech it’s paying for, with a whopping 47 percent of enterprise-software licenses either unused or rarely used. Many technology budgets are jammed with line items that sounded good at some point, but never really took off. If those funds could be allocated to more meaningful pursuits, the average district could be looking at six figures or more of unexpected funds.

Questions to ask:
1. Which apps, licenses, and hardware haven’t been used at all in the past year?
2. What is the average cost per login for your niche, low-user-count applications?
3. How much functionality overlap exists between disparate systems?
4. What percentage of your larger investments, such as information management systems, is sitting dormant?

Where to find the data: Most tech comes with administrative tools to help identify usage patterns, so your technology team should have little problem pulling that data for you. When built-in reports are not available, surveys can be a valuable way to collect deeper information. The distinction needs to be made between what people think they want, what people say they’re using, and what people are actually using often enough to justify the cost. That’s the gap good data can help you fill.

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