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6 district management challenges, solved

Leading schools and districts is no easy feat--here are some great examples of how leaders solved their district management challenges

District leaders are faced with a plethora of challenges, including how and when to deploy technology initiatives, ensuring equity across schools with different demographics, and promoting cultural awareness.

These challenges are complicated by funding obstacles, teacher and community buy-in, varying resource availability, and more.

Here, we’ve gathered advice of school leaders and administrators in districts across the country. As you read their stories, you’ll learn how they solved problems and challenges unique to their districts, such as making data user-friendly and highlighting tolerance and diversity.

Read on for a handful of new best practices in district management:

1. 9 common leadership missteps to avoid: There are many different characteristics and traits of a good leader, including learning how to recognize missteps
The role of school administrator is evolving from a building manager into an instructional leader. This shift is not easy, and all leaders strive to be the best they can. Being a school leader isn’t easy and you are not going to make the right call all the time. However, you can learn to avoid common missteps.

Laura Ascione

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