This binary code illustrates how educators are using data to solve problems.

2 ways educators are using data to solve problems

A reading intervention specialist and a technology director share how they address a range of challenges when using data to solve problems

The chorus singing the praises of data in education has been ever-present for years now, but it’s not always clear how educators can effectively put that data to use. Should we be using data to solve problems at the individual student level, the school level, or district level?

And in the final analysis, how can the constant steam of data we’re faced with help us improve teaching and learning? In our experience, the right can help solve a variety of issues, from improving student literacy to helping school leaders make better-informed purchasing decisions.

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Learning interventions

As a reading intervention specialist at Franklin Local School District, I rely on actionable data from one of my most indispensable tools, Renaissance Star Reading, to differentiate learning and help students boost their reading ability and achievement scores.

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