With safety at the top of school administration’s priority list, rapid development of new technology and ever-changing ways of disseminating information to keep students and faculty safe are coming into the light.

Schools are decked out with cameras, door access control, and a multitude of other monitoring systems, however, one of the most important aspects to an effective school safety and risk management plan is often overlooked: interoperability.

Put simply, interoperability is the ability for technological systems to effectively communicate with one another.

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To conceptualize this, let’s think of a school safety plan as a puzzle. When solving a puzzle, you know you’re building towards a bigger picture, but in the meantime, all you have are the individual pieces. Within a school safety plan, these pieces represent the video cameras, door access control systems, computer monitors, fire alarms, PA systems, and any other technology systems implemented.

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Danielle Myers is the general manager of Status Solutions, a risk management and situational awareness technology company.

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