Active shooter incidents in schools, workplaces and public venues erupt, too regularly, as shocking reminders of the vulnerability to violence. Through the first nine months of 2019, a 50 percent increase in mass shootings was reported.

Training and preparation for the possibility of an active shooter certainly saves lives. One survivor of the October 2018 Las Vegas massacre reported how such training helped them make it through the sudden chaos of that incident.

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Participation in drills at the facility where people work or attend school is a key factor in gaining situational awareness for responding effectively to a violent event.

Both adults and children need to know what to do to best protect themselves, and administrators and others in authority must be clear on the steps necessary to save lives. In attempting to train people for active shooter incidents, some schools and organizations have conducted realistic drills. While making training authentic improves preparation to some degree, drills that are too realistic can be extremely traumatizing.

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Dean Waddell is a Sr. Loss Control Consultant in Keenan’s Loss Control/Risk Management Department. He is based in our Torrance office and serves as a principal consultant in the deployment of Keenan’s IMReady (Incident Management Ready) resources to prepare client organizations to respond to violent emergencies and natural disasters.

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