From credit card hacks to social security breaches, cyberattacks are more common with each passing day. Organizations in every industry are on high alert to ensure networks and information remain secure. News reports lead you to believe that only high-profile companies are affected, but perhaps the most precious data when it comes to tomorrow’s leaders is held in educational institutions.

Administrators are tasked with keeping information about a school’s faculty and students secure. And in today’s threat landscape, it’s not if a data breach will occur, it’s when.

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As the number of network entry points proliferate, we will continue to see an increase of breaches. Schools have to prepare a strong security posture to keep valuable information safe from intruders.

A primer on risk aversion

In today’s information environment, a traditional firewall, while necessary, is not an effective security posture. Bad actors are operating with increased speed and innovation, so other components of a network need to become smarter.

5 key strategies to avoid a cyberattack

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Renee Patton is a former teacher and is now the leader of public sector education at Cisco. Patton manages a team dedicated to supporting student success and academic research within schools, colleges, and universities across the country.

Will Ash is the U.S. public sector senior director of cybersecurity at Cisco. This team is focused on delivering protection to government and education customers across their extended network before, during, and after a cyberattack through threat-centric security solutions.

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