Developing robust literacy skills empowers children to succeed in school and life. In Cobb County School District, we strive to ensure every student is reading on or above grade level by grade 3.

The Cobb County Teaching and Learning Standards in English Language Arts provide a rigorous set of proficiencies in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language. As part of our district’s systematic and balanced approach to literacy, K-5 students are learning to become fluent and proficient readers and receive explicit instruction in phonics, spelling, and vocabulary.

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In some schools, however, our data and test scores indicated that students were struggling. So, in 2016, we launched an Early Literacy Initiative to add another layer to our approach and help K-2 students develop a strong literacy foundation.

Addressing early literacy learning

The Early Literacy Initiative addresses early literacy learning through the application of consistent high-quality instruction, targeted interventions, timely data evaluation, and collaboration between school and district leaders. It is built upon a strategy of two-week, structured, direct instructional cycles followed by individual common formative assessment.

About the Author:

Diane Rice is the supervisor of personalized learning, and Kaci Berry is a consultant for assessment and personalized learning in the Cobb County School District, the second largest school system in Georgia.

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