Picture your last trip to the grocery store. The aisles are filled with options- too many really. For example, selecting a carton of eggs might take a little more time than it used to. You have cage-free, vegetarian, organic, pasture-raised, and even eggs enhanced with Omega-3 fatty acids. Scientists call this phenomenon “choice-overload,” and it can lead to us swearing off eggs forever. In my experience visiting hundreds of classrooms and thousands of students, many teachers are faced with a similar feeling when starting their instructional transformation with STEM or STEAM.

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As a teacher-leader and STEAM Innovator in Santa Rosa County, FL for the good part of the last decade, I have made some incredible observations that can undoubtedly help every teacher transform their instructional practice and better prepare their students from kindergarten to career.

Here are five ways to immediately integrate STEAM into classroom instruction:

1. Connect with an industry expert or professional.

Here’s some precious wisdom for students: “You can’t be what you can’t see.” One of the best ways to awaken a child’s future is to show them the possibilities. Don’t just say, “You can be anything.” Students need examples, interactions, and experiences that will provide context for future opportunities.

5 ways to integrate STEAM into instruction--right now

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About the Author:

Michael C. Knowlton M.Ed. is the Professional Learning Specialist at Florida’s Santa Rosa County Schools and is passionate about helping educators build a culture of STEAM instruction in their classrooms. Want to learn more? Contact Michael at knowltonm@santarosa.k12.fl.us.

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