It can be difficult for schools to focus on education when threats of violence loom, but continuing campus incidents like Parkland and Sandy Hook have unfortunately made fear of future tragedies an ever-pressing concern for communities across the country. In the wake of these crises, administrators have been left grappling for new school safety solutions that, if they will not prevent such tragedies in the first place, will at least keep them from enacting irreparable damage.

Choosing a solution that only serves one purpose can be just as irresponsible as not choosing one at all. While active shooters are top of mind, other threats – such as bullying, drugs or medical incidents – also need to be dealt with and addressed swiftly.

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While simply having a school safety solution of some kind in place offers peace of mind, the right technology investments can tackle both dangerous threats while also managing day to day incidents, making them invaluable tools for schools and communities.

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Todd Miller is COO of Rave Mobile Safety.

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