The global COVID-19 pandemic that has forced schools to shut down physical operations and move to online learning has, understandably, caused a fair amount of anxiety and emotional distress for students.

In merely one or two weeks, teachers have moved their instructional plans online, quickly adapting lessons and identifying ways to connect with students through virtual meet-ups.

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Parents are often next to their children, helping them adjust to online learning and figure out how to complete assignments and schedule learning time and “time off” throughout the day.

Students have been hit with a lot, and while everyone is doing their best to make sure learning continues with minimal interruption, students need time for fun learning activities just like they do in the physical classroom.

Here are a few online learning resources to keep students’ brains working while they’re also engaged in fun activities.

6 fun resources for online learning

1. Amazon Future Engineer is helping students, teachers, and parents access a variety of free, online opportunities. Amazon Future Engineer’s partners at BootUp PD offer free access to lesson plans and coding resources in the Scratch and ScratchJr applications for students to develop creative coding projects from home.

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