Most schools across the country are still operating remotely, and as the days tick by, it’s easy for students and teachers to feel as if they’ll never return to the physical classroom. Teachers and parents looking for engaging learning resources might find TED-Ed Lessons helpful while schools are still virtual.

The TED-Ed platform is especially cool because educators can build lessons around any TED-Ed Original, TED Talk, or YouTube video.

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Once you find the video you want to use, you can use the TED-Ed Lessons editor to add questions, discussion prompts, and additional resources.

7 thought-provoking TED-Ed Lessons to break online learning monotony

Here are a handful of TED-Ed Lessons covering plant life, crazy sea creatures, bodily functions, and more.

1. Why is my leg asleep? Have you ever had an arm or leg fall asleep and then experience that poking feeling when you moved? This lesson will explore why we experience these feelings. Watch the video by SciShowKids and then complete the lesson.

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