Up until schools started shutting down in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, teachers in Dawson Independent School District didn’t use our website much. This wasn’t because they didn’t want to. It was because, like most teachers, they were more focused on all the other hard work of teaching young people. With all of our buildings closed since March, they’re all online teachers now, and they got up to speed on running their teacher pages on our site in less than a week.

Those teacher pages are where students are getting their assignments, so we had to get them up and running. I can’t say anything about the last two months has been seamless, but setting up those pages and making sure students have access to what they need went as smoothly as possible given the circumstances.

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Our content management system provider, Edlio, has a great help center with helpful documents on creating classes, updating teacher pages, and anything else our teachers needed. As the technology director/social media manager/webmaster, I sent everyone a single document from the help center explaining how to set up class pages, and only a couple people on my staff needed help after that.

Now they’re all reaching out to me saying, “Wow, why haven’t we been using this the whole time?” And I say, “Well, I’ve been trying to get you to!”

About the Author:

Cameron Shaw is the technology director, social media manager, and webmaster for Dawson ISD. He can be reached at cameron.shaw@dawsonisd.net.