What does learning in a post-COVID world look like? Will schools convene in person again, will they have to move back to online learning in case of new viral outbreaks, or will learning remain online for now?

Pandemic Planning for Distance Learning: Scenarios and Considerations for PreK–12 Education Leaders, a report from New America, asks just those questions.

The report makes clear that schools will need to have some kind of distance learning plans in place for the fall–and they’ll need to ensure students have reliable internet access. Authors Kristina Ishmael, Rebecca Heiser, and Jennifer Payne lay out four possible scenarios for PreK-12 schools during the pandemic and after.

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Brick to Click Learning: Districts have resumed some traditional face-to-face classes, but have the ability to quickly move to distance learning if a new wave of COVID-19 emerges. District leaders work closely with local government and health officials to monitor health, CDC guidance, and reopening procedures. Teachers received PD in online learning over the summer in order to be prepared for a quick move to online learning if necessary.

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