“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.” This quote from Dr. James P. Comer highlights the importance of strong teacher-student connections, along with the key role that teaching with empathy plays in the classroom.

In an edWeb edLeader Panel, sponsored by Intellispark, panel presenters concurred with Comer that it is now even more critical to monitor student well-being and maintain healthy relationships.

Our charge as educators is to transition back to school as a positive opportunity for all students and foster a healthy mindset for ourselves, our colleagues, and our families. In their work with teachers, the presenters have embraced the importance of relationships in the classroom to ensure a healthy learning community.

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Teaching with empathy is the key that unlocks authentic connections with each student to foster their sense of belonging and engagement regardless of their learning environment.


By inviting students to share unique perspectives and developing an empathetic lens, educators can strengthen teacher-student relationships and ensure that all students are engaged and connected to their learning. Students will only share their unique perspectives in environments where they feel safe.

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Eileen Belastock, CETL is the Director of Technology and Information for Nauset Public Schools, MA, and also works with edWeb.net to write articles on their professional learning edWebinars. You can follow Eileen on Twitter @EileenBelastock.