This year is unlike any other. 2020 is truly unprecedented in how countless aspects of our lives have completely changed.

For many students across the country, this means trying online schooling for the first time. The same rings true for the teachers who are leading them. But this isn’t a new concept for all. Some, including myself, were already online before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

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With this additional experience in a virtual environment, I want to share my advice so we can help all students succeed, whether this is their first year online or they have many years under their belt.

As a family resource coordinator at Pikes Peak Online School, my overarching goal is to provide social-emotional support and growth opportunities for students, families, and staff. Supporting mental wellness for everyone creates a healthier, thriving environment for your community and helps to make the distance even shorter by fostering a digital support system.

About the Author:

Jennie Marr Wheless has 8 years of experience in education and social work. She currently serves as a Family Resource Coordinator at Pikes Peak Online School, an online public school serving students across Colorado.