Opinion: Are educators who support creationism holding American innovation back?

A recent article in The Los Angeles Times tells of a superintendent in a Kentucky school who is rather miffed that the state of Kentucky does not afford the theory of creationism the same high esteem on the state biology test as they afford the theory of evolution, says Christine Jenkins for Yahoo! News. Why is he so upset? Because he seems to think that the colloquial use of the word “theory” is the same as the scientific use of the word “theory.” Their ignorance normally wouldn’t bother me, except for the fact that this man took a position educating children, whom he apparently feels he has a duty to make just as ignorant as he is. Ignorance on this particular topic is not one which we should sit idly by and let settle within any child’s mind. Creationism is a dogmatic theory because there is absolutely no way to find any scientific or historical evidence, much less prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a being or beings that have created the universe. Impossible barring said being showing his or herself to the entire populace at once. The theory of evolution, however, has been given the scientific thumbs up through the use of scientific method; research, evidence, testing, re-testing…

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