The shocking things schools are—and aren’t—teaching

Over the past couple years, several states attempted — and in some instances, succeeded — in passing legislation that brought controversial changes to school curriculums, the Huffington Post reports. For instance, under Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposed sweeping new school voucher program, tens of millions of Louisiana taxpayer dollars will be used to offer vouchers to more than half of the state’s poor and middle-class public school students. These students can in turn use these vouchers to attend more than 120 private schools, including a number of small, Bible-based learning institutions that boast extreme anti-science and anti-history curriculums while championing creationism. Meanwhile, several states have grappled with how to approach sex education in the classroom. A controversial bill that would have allowed Utah schools to ban sex education and discussion of homosexuality in class passed the state Senate before it was eventually vetoed by Gov. Gary Herbert. In the aftermath of that decision, Republican state Sen. Stuart Reid is sponsoring a bill that would require the state school board to develop a sex education program for parents…

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