3 ways to ease grading with blended technology

How to use blended learning platforms to improve student grading.

As the academic school year ends, many teachers come to the unforeseen conclusion that some students lack the motivation to turn in assignments on-time. It is not an easy task.

Grading papers is still a daunting teaching duty. But it doesn’t have to be. Teachers have many tools available to encourage students to turn-in those assignments on time.

As technology is flooding the classrooms with the latest computer innovation and more students rely on personal devices, it is no wonder students desire to use technology all the time. Even in Title I school districts, computers are a prominent part of urban schools.

While reminding students to turn-in assignments is not an easy task, online blended learning platforms are increasingly popular, especially in urban schools. Why is this the case?

Since students develop technology skills at an early age, they want to embrace technology more often than the regular paper and pencil assignment. When students are prompted with an assignment via a blended learning platform such as Google Classroom, they are more apt to complete, learn, and turn-in assignments.

How can teachers use an online blending learning platform efficiently in the classroom?

1. Provide Initial Learning Platform Training

Before jumping into using a blended learning platform, teachers need adequate training. As a matter of fact, many professional development workshops and classes offer training with concrete examples on how to use the platform.

An important aspect of starting to use an online learning platform is to consider the type of assignments teachers want to grade. Although teachers can post quizzes, writing assignments, and projects, it is important to evaluate how much time teachers have to learn the system.

Although it is not a time-consuming process, teachers need to dedicate a certain amount of time to get familiar with the system, set-up a grading system, and upload assignments. More importantly, it takes a little patience as students get familiar with the platform as well.

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