iPrompts empowers special needs community

Handhold Adaptive Introduces iPrompts: iPhone Technology for Special Needs Community

iPrompts™, a customizable communications tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch, provides visual structure for those with language and behavioral challenges, including autism, Down syndrome, and ADD/ADHD

Shelton, Conn. | June, 2009 – HandHold Adaptive, LLC, a developer of mobile software supporting those with special needs and their caregivers, has introduced iPrompts™, a customizable, picture-based communications tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  iPrompts™ may be purchased from Apple’s iTunes Store, by downloading the iTunes software to a personal computer, or by accessing the App Store directly from any iPhone or iPod Touch.  The software application retails for $49.99.

iPrompts™ allows parents, special educators and therapists to present a variety of graphical prompts that help special needs individuals transition from one activity to the next, understand upcoming events, communicate their needs and focus on the task at hand. 

Caregivers are able to create and present picture-based schedules of events, countdown timers portraying a period of time until a pictured activity begins, or choice prompts between any two images by pulling from a library of several hundred stock photographs and illustrations, loading pictures from any personal computer, or adding photographs “on-demand” using the iPhone’s camera.

Picture-based communication aids are often used by caregivers of those with language, cognitive and attention deficits, including people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and traumatic brain injury.  iPrompts™ brings assistive technology into the “wireless revolution,” building upon the popularity and superior usability of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch (combined sales of more than 40 million units).

Frustrated by the limited tools available for their son, Evan, and enthusiastic users of Apple’s products, co-founders Dan and Carey Tedesco imagined what life would be like if they could use iPhones to deliver useful visual supports to their son.  The iPrompts™ application, designed by the couple teamed with a Speech-Language Pathologist, is a portable, flexible, easy-to-use, and “green” alternative to traditional picture-based aids like magnet boards and laminated, Velcro-backed symbols.  iPrompts™ is especially helpful in reducing the stresses of everyday life when traveling or “on the go”.  iPrompts™ is the first application from HandHold Adaptive, a small start-up born out of the need to make their own lives easier. 

 “To be truly effective, assistive technology must be user-friendly, affordable, stigma-free, portable and customizable to each individual. We believe that mass market handheld devices, like the iPhone and Blackberry devices used by tens of millions of people every day, can deliver life-changing benefits. These devices can and should become high-tech ‘wheelchairs’ supporting the special needs communities of today and tomorrow,” said Dan Tedesco.

More information about iPrompts™, including screenshots, testimonials, and a video tutorial, can be found by visiting www.iprompts.com.

About HandHold Adaptive, LLC:

Founded by the family of a boy with autism, HandHold Adaptive, LLC is a Connecticut-based software development firm that researches, tests and deploys assistive technologies to support those with special needs and their caregivers.  HandHold Adaptive believes the “differently enabled” shouldn’t be left out of the wireless revolution, and is committed to adapting mass market consumer devices to make lives easier for those with developmental challenges.  HandHold Adaptive proudly introduces iPrompts™ as the first of many steps toward “bridging the digital divide” to the developmentally different population.



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