Michigan protests: Teachers remain dedicated despite cuts

Michigan fought long and hard to become a union state. Yet our legislature has passed two right-to-work bills Tuesday, pushed through in a lame-duck session, Yahoo! News reports. There was no open debate on the floor. It was, instead, a rush to action. Instead of representatives paying attention to the estimated 10,000 protesters outside the capital, the people who elected them, the house moved quickly to squash their voice. I’m not in a union, so how does this affect me? My husband, a union teacher, was at work Tuesday. My mother, a union teacher, also went to work Tuesday. They are working for the betterment of your children. My husband, a guidance counselor in an urban district, lost sleep debating whether to go to work, or go to Lansing. While he feels that the legislation is wrong, he did not get into education to become involved in politics. He got into education in order make a difference in the lives of his students…

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