How we created an app for our district—and why you should, too

Creating an app for his school district was simple and cost-effective, Young writes.

We’ve all heard the news and seen the numbers. Mobile technology is everywhere, connecting billions of people through smart phones, apps, and tablets—and the industry is growing exponentially. The education sector is mirroring this trend, with tablets replacing textbooks and smart phones appearing in the backpacks of students as early as elementary school.

My school district, Judson ISD in San Antonio, is no exception. When we discovered that more than 10 percent of our website traffic came directly from mobile devices, we decided it was time to go mobile. I got together with a couple of staff members and, in no time, we created a custom Judson ISD Connect mobile app to give students, parents, and teachers a way to stay in touch and access our site’s information from anywhere, at any time.

Why an app?

People are increasingly consuming the web through their smart phones, and mobile apps offer more convenience when navigating the web through a mobile device. The app we created makes it easy for members of our school community to access all the information they need about our district—school events, news, photos, etc.—wherever they may be at the moment. Creating the app was simple and cost-effective, which we all know is a major factor considering school budgets and limited resources.

How do you create one?

The decision to create an app is an easy one—and thanks to many of the tools readily available on the web, developing it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. With app-creation tools like Conduit Mobile, School Connect, or Apps Builder, any district can replicate our process at Judson to reach an increasingly mobile constituency.

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