Webinar explores new approach to understanding Autism

Uniquely Human approach examines each individual

uniquely-webinarA new approach to teaching students with Autism, called the Uniquely Human perspective, is looking to get away from treating Autism as a checklist of deficits—e.g. difficulties interacting with others, sensory challenges, and repetitive behavior—and therapies that focus on eliminating those symptoms.

Instead, Uniquely Human seeks to learn more about the individual and why the behavior might be occurring. The approach is the work of Autism authority Dr. Barry Prizant, who will present a 90 minute webinar on his work (and upcoming book on the subject) hosted by PresenceLearning on Tuesday, June 16 at 1 p.m. EST. The webinar will feature research, stories and advice based on Prizant’s experiences with families and children with autism.

According to the webinar announcement, attendees will—among other things—learn to:

  • Understand stereotypes and misunderstandings of the behavior of children with ASD and how to move away from these using a more accurate, evidence-based view.
  • Examine experiences and address the concerns of parents of children with ASD in order to build collaborative and trusting relationships.
  • Debunk common beliefs about negatives associated with ASD and understand why many commonly used approaches do not result in the best long-term outcomes.
  • Apply the “Uniquely Human” perspective to reform educational practices and help school communities be more responsive to the needs of children with ASD and their families.

Additional information about the webinar, including how to register, is available online.

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