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The 7 coolest edtech products I saw at FETC

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I saw many interesting products at FETC 2019 in Orlando last week, but here are the ones that resonated most strongly because of their uniqueness and immediate classroom application.

1. Lucid for Education

Lucid is one of those companies that you may not have heard of, but you definitely should! They have a visual learning toolkit that helps students learn to collaborate using 21st-century skills while making deeper connections to prior knowledge. By creating digital resources and presentations with other students and educators, this tool makes the classroom appear more like today’s workplace of today than anything else I’ve seen.

2. Juice Mobile Power from Bretford

Say goodbye to dead devices. Juice Mobile Power charges all your devices on demand by turning one wall outlet into a smart power hub for the entire room. Connection points are magnetic, so they are strong enough to keep devices charged but safe enough for schools. The starter kit includes a 12- or 6-foot track, base and power cord, four device cords, and two pods.    

3. Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection

Are your elementary teachers exhausted from trying to find the best app for each student? This new K-2 learning solution includes more than 170 standards-aligned, pre-vetted apps in math, language arts, social studies, science & STEM, SEL, critical thinking, and creativity. Sign up for a free 30-day trial online.

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