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Learn about the innovations transforming education across the nation

Inspirations: How educators are transforming the education process

Learn about the innovations happening in virtual classrooms across the nation

The COVID-19 crisis has made one thing clear: Teachers and administrators have used unique and innovative ways to reach students online as remote learning became the only type of learning across the nation.

Most educators are certain that if they don’t begin school online in the fall, they’ll eventually have to move to online and at-home learning if a second wave of the virus hits the nation, or if social distancing and other precautions aren’t possible in often-overcrowded schools.

Here’s a look at some of the creative and inspiring ways educators are reaching students, parents, and communities as they transform education.

The pandemic has forced learning out of physical classrooms–and it presents a unique opportunity for educators

Education thought leader Alan November discusses what he believes is a key misstep that many educators are making in shifting to web-based instruction. See why here: Here’s the biggest mistake educators are making with remote learning

There are a number of options for schools and districts hoping to keep learning as consistent as possible this fall

Thomas Arnett, senior research fellow in education for the Clayton Christensen Institute, writes about the options educators have this fall—in or out of school. Read it now: The blended learning models that can help schools reopen

States are creating plans for fall as many wonder how COVID-19 has impacted learning as we know it

eSN managing editor Laura Ascione gives five predictions for the post-COVID learning. Read it now: 5 predictions for post-COVID learning

When students take ownership of their education, online learning is more likely to succeed

eSN’s own Dennis Pierce writes an amazing story on how fifth-grade teacher Kim Voge has had students literally beg her to give them more writing assignments. Read it now: 5 strategies for independent learning

Learn how one district is prioritizing student learning by focusing on strengthening its approach to e-learning

Eric Ramos is Chief Technology Officer in the Duarte Unified School District. eSN’s Kevin Hogan writes an insightful story on how schools are using the summer months to map out a plan and prepare for the start of a new school year come with efficient ways to adopt learning models that can accommodate an extended period of e-learning. Read it now: 4 ways schools can prepare for the future of e-learning

Keeping teachers, parents, and students connected online has turned the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity to bring the community closer together

Two educators, Karen Londgren a digital learning coach at Marshall Public Schools, and Nicole Wichmann, administrative assistant at Westside Elementary, discuss how their districts moved to distance learning in just 8 days. Read it now: What our district learned by moving from in-person to distance learning in 8 days

7 tips for future-proofing school libraries

Suzi Tonini, Collection Development Supervisor for Denver Public Schools writes how the future of school libraries is all about providing equitable access for all students. Read it now: 7 tips for future-proofing school libraries

Five ways to build a community of learners online

Dennis Pierce discusses how remote learning makes relationship-building more challenging and how these ideas can help. Read it now: 5 ways to build a community of learners online

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