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The New DVD Ranger 2.7.6 – DVD Burning like you’ve never experienced before

Pixbyte Development, one of the top recording software providers in

present, is proud to announce the launching of their brand new product –

the DVD Ranger 2.7.6. This exceptional copy software comes with a series

of revolutionary features that separate it clearly from other similar

products. Relying on the extensive experience of the first two

generations, the new DVD Ranger, version 2.7.6 is packed with unique

functionalities and features, which make it irresistible to users who

want to obtain the greatest DVD copy quality with the least of their


Some of the best features of the new DVD Ranger 2.7.6 include:

– The very useful Hot Fix Manager, for instant fixes of new DVDs;

– The ability to create DVD video backups on BluRay disks, and

– Impeccable video quality delivered due to a unique recompressing

algorithm named the Physxtech.

Innovation strikes with the one-of-a-kind HotFix Manager, a

revolutionary utility that enables users to generate HotFix Databases.

We are sure you wonder what the next step is! Well, the DVD Ranger works

great with the HotFix Databases in order to fix the newest DVD releases,

which are not yet available in the present DVD Ranger version. With the

innovative HotFix Manager, it’s easy to set the original way of any type

of DVDs, and make it available to the DVD Ranger that will generate a

perfect copy.

All products created by Pixbyte Development are high end software

solutions created specifically to fulfill any DVD/CD recording needs at

the highest level of performance. DVD Ranger 2.7.6 is the complete

solution to a series of DVD recording needs, and it combines unique

features for your maximum enjoyment.

DVD Ranger 2.7.6 is a complex DVD copying solution that enables users to

save a copy of their favorite movies or videos on mobile devices (such

as IPods, PSPs), on BluRay disks or on other DVDs. (customized DVDs). In

addition, users can copy up to 99 different devices at the same time.

What else can you ask for?

New in DVD-Ranger 2.7.6

– Updated heristic for new released DVDs

– French & german language added

– New bitrate meter

– Some functions wished by the existing customers like auto shut down

and more

– Better trial functionality

– Better support of VirtualDevices

– Better playback and quality

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