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Terraboost Donates Free H1N1 Risk Mitigation Product to Schools


Terraboost Donates Free H1N1 Risk Mitigation Product to Schools
Free national hand-sanitizer dispenser program encourages health and safety for kids
New York, NY – August 12, 2009   With the start of the school year imminent, Terraboost—creator of the patent pending combination hand sanitizing display/dispenser—announced a new program today to provide complimentary touch-free hand sanitizing displays to schools nationally, helping to mitigate risk related to H1N1 swine flu and other disease-causing bacteria.


Terraboost is proud to be offering donations of display/dispensers to school districts at no cost, along with at least a free month’s supply of Tazza™ alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer, in an effort to encourage schools to invest in a program to keep their students, faculty and staff healthy. Interested schools can contact Terraboost to learn more about obtaining the free dispensers and about their sanitizer products including Tazza™—the company’s flagship alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer brand, which kills 99.99% of the most common germs that may cause illness, and is also available for individual sale at retailers nationwide.  

Every day brings new headlines about infectious diseases around the world. In the face of an upcoming dangerous flu season, we wanted to begin making a difference with a population most susceptible,” explains Brian Morrison, CEO of Terraboost.  “With these freestanding or wall mounted display dispensers, we can help keep kids germ-free, not only in the restrooms but when they enter and leave school campuses each and every day.”
Recognizing that many of its hand-sanitizing displays will be placed in high-traffic areas of schools, campuses, mass transit sites and businesses worldwide, the Terraboost units feature ample space for customized messages, including art, advertising or signage. The schools receiving the donated dispensers are invited to take advantage of Terraboost’s ‘BoostWise’ program— a client-section of the Terraboost website offering specific hand-hygiene and health and safety messages—though schools can opt to display whatever messaging they choose.  Terraboost is also consulting with the school systems on a methodology to determine how many refill sanitizer cartridges are needed per school, with programs as low as $3 per student per year, making on-going hand-sanitizing and health an affordable reality.
Offered in a brushed aluminum or red oak finish, Terraboost displays are meant to liberate the hand washing process from the restroom to the forefront of venues via smartly designed display/dispensers. The units are specifically designed for seamless integration into a broad range of workspaces and public environments including offices, elevator banks, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, quick-service restaurants, cruise ships, government buildings and classrooms. The units’ display feature allows businesses to promote their own offerings, events or schedules. All Terraboost dispensers require minimal maintenance and upkeep, benefiting from a user-friendly interface and easy-to-replace cartridges which offer an industry-leading 6,000 uses, or ’boosts,’ between each refill.
“We’re also excited to be offering a similar opportunity to community-minded businesses nationwide looking to promote health and safety to their customers, clients, patrons and employees,” said Morrison. “We hope they’ll take advantage of our offer to help out.“
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Terraboost, LLC, was founded in 2006 with the overarching goal of providing useful products that benefit society as a whole. The company is the world’s only manufacturer of a line of elegant, patent pending, touch-free hand sanitizing display/dispensers as well as Tazza™ (alcohol free) and TazzaL™ (vitamin enriched alcohol based) foaming hand sanitizers which power its displays and are also sold in convenient retail packages. Integral to the company’s mission is donating a generous percentage of profits from product sales to the Terraboost Foundation™ which supports high quality organizations striving to enhance sanitation and access to clean water in parts of the world we cannot yet reach. For more information on Terraboost, helping boost the world’s immunity two hands at a time, visit
Interested Schools May Contact:      
Louis A. Harrison 
Director of Marketing                                                            
1375 Broadway, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10018

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