Warehouse manager earns his district thousands through online auction

Arizmendi has sold everything from buses to band equipment online.

While schools around the country are dealing with major budget cuts, one supply warehouse manager has figured out how to put money back into the hands of his district.

Gilbert Arizmendi, a supply warehouse manager for Greeley-Evans School District 6 in Greeley Tribune, Colo., used an online public auction service to rid the district of surplus materials while also earning it money.

With all of the old equipment Arizmendi and his team had to handle, space was filling up quickly.

“We had a facility building that was an old bus garage, and it just overflowed so much that we couldn’t even get to our lawn mowers. We also had a bus wash bay that we took over and filled up,” Arizmendi recalled.

The supply managing team examined a variety of different options to get rid of the unused items, but these all would have cost the district money.

Instead, Arizmendi turned to a website that specializes in auctioning public surpluses.

“We found that it’s a good way to help the district raise money on some items that normally would not have been sold,” he said.

The auction has raised significant funds for the district, with more than $40,000 raised between 2009 and 2011.

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