Free site uses color test to match students with careers

Site matches students to colleges, majors, and careers

color-careersA new career-matching app is looking to introduce students as young as middle school with modern careers, closing what some have described as an exposure gap.

The program, Myverse, first directs students to a psychometric color test, which asks them about their most and least favorite colors, and is somewhat similar to the Lüscher color test. Based on those results, students are given a “color type,” which corresponds to career options. It also provides students with videos highlighting each career path, and allowing the student to learn more about their individual results.

Additionally, the site attempts to match students with potential majors and colleges that fit their personality.

According to the company, 92% of High School graduates have no idea what they want to be, or what career path would best suit them.

“Education shouldn’t be about getting through the next lesson or the next test, it’s bigger than that. We as adults need to contextualize education in a way students can make real world connections with what they’re learning, especially when considering what they will do after graduation. Myverse provides the starting point in this quest for students and teachers alike,” said Wayne Sharp, Myverse president and founder.

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